My (very) humble website

"Recent" work(last things I posted here)

Arnhem Business School

New website developed by for the Arnhem Business School. Find all the information you need, watch and read student stories.

Working at

Started working at allyourmedia in Arnhem :) Proud to be working for this creative agency.

Number input field test

Related to my work on html5 forms I decided to make a test case specific for number fields.
So far, no browser does everything correct! Not all of them have a big problem, but you have to be aware of this when implementing it either frontend as backend.

E.g. Chrome does it all right except for allowing .5 as input. Not a big deal, but on the backend your validation might just trip over this.

Photo browser

The photobrowser is a personal tool to easily upload and display series of images. In version 2 I've added a layer of security so I can safely make the website public while keeping personal photographs to myself; and anyone I allow to see it.

The website speaks for itself but before you take a look I would like to point out some interesting techniques I've used.


The creation of thumbnails is done by a thumbnail script I wrote myself because all scripts I encountered had a flaw in calculating resize + crop. Eventually I decided not to use resize + crop for this site but an automatic width with a fixed height, which my script handles just as easily.

More interesting about the thumbnails is that when created once, these are served directly by apache the next time anyone requests the same thumbnails. Needless to say, that gives a huge performance boost.


Xim Systems needed a new website to sell their product Web&Go. Web&Go is an easy to set up modular CMS designed for medium sized companies with zero or all knowing knowledge of website building.

The new website is designed by Matthijs, who did a great job in making the website `accessible` for any customer(as long as they understand Dutch). On the homepage you can find a figure of Richard(owner of Xim Systems) in one of his special Richard-style poses.

Of course, everything on this website runs on the Web&Go system!

BMW-Club Nederland

The Dutch BMW club in search for new, younger, members and more professionality turned to Xim Systems for a new refreshing website. Also this website was designed by Matthijs who had to make sure the style of the website would stay intact even if the webmasters added long texts or a bunch of unprofessional pictures.

A few interesting development notes:


Kavelkiezer as a website is a restyled copy of the Web&Go website. But with a totally different public to reach the color set and information you can find it is just as different as the people visiting it.

This website is mostly an information site for a system that is called `kavelkiezer`. Which is actually way more interesting to have developed than the information site.

The system is developed for any type of corporation that sells or rents out areas on a scale that would be clearly vissible from the air.
Possible buyers can choose areas they are interested in and depending on variables like; 'how high am I on the waiting list' or 'how many people are interested in this area' they will be picked as the winner for that area by the system.

For more info, please visit the information site(in Dutch)